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Game List

Here is the list of all the published games that I’ve played. Italics are for games I own, bold is for games I’ve GM’d (or facilitated if GM-less), asterisk indicates I’ve played the game with its designer. Exclamation points are for games where my name is in the book as a playtester. ^ Is for child-friendly games, ^^ is for games especially appropriate for young people. Bulldogs! gets a special @ sign since I’ve now co-GM’d with the designer. I typically learn 3-4 new games a year.

^13th Age!
*1,001 Nights
Apocalypse World
A Taste For Murder
Being a role-playing game on the topic of the High-Flying adventures of Beatrice Henrietta Bristol-Smythe, DBE, daring Aviatrix and accomplished Exploratrix, and her Gentleman Companion, who for a Modest Fee, accompanies Beatrice Henrietta Bristol-Smythe, DBE, when the Occasion warrants her an Escort. (free download)


Breaking the Ice
*Burning Wheel, Revised and Gold
*Burning Empires
*Carry: The Burden of War
Chronica Feudalis
Committee For the Exploration of Mysteries
Cyberpunk 2020
^^Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Dogs in the Vineyard
Don’t Rest Your Head
The Drifter’s Escape
^Dungeons and Dragons: some form of 1E, 2E, 3E/3.5E/Pathfinder, 4E, 5E
^Dungeon World
Dust Devils
Earthdawn 2nd Edition
Fortune’s Fool
*Freemarket (have played it with both designers, in fact)
*Grey Ranks!
Heroquest (2nd Ed, I think)
How We Came To Live Here
In A Wicked Age
^Labyrinths and Lycanthropes
^Lady Blackbird (free download)
Marvel Heroic
*Misery Bubblegum
*Misspent Youth!
^Monster of the Week
^*Mortal Coil
The Mountain Witch
^^*Mouse Guard (played it with the editor, not the designer)
Mutants and Masterminds
My Life With Master
^On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
A Penny For My Thoughts
*Polaris (and its official hack, Thou Art But A Warrior)
^Primetime Adventures
^^*Project Ninja Panda Taco
Riddle of Steel! (mentioned by screen name in a supplement)
*Serial Homicide Unit
*The Shab Al-Hiri Roach

The Shadow of Yesterday
*shock: social science fiction
*Shooting the Moon
^*Sign in Stranger
^Sons of Liberty
Spellbound Kingdoms
^Spirit of the Century (and Dresden Files RPG and ^*@Bulldogs)
Stars Without Number
*Steal Away Jordan
*Tales of the Fisherman’s Wife
^Teenagers From Outer Space
*Tenra Bansho Zero (played with Andy K, the game’s translator into English)
^*The Secret Fire!
Vampire: The Masquerade
^^Wildlings (free download)

Witch House
With Great Power

85, with 40 GM’d or facilitated.

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